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Rental Cars

in Japan

Exploring your own path


We were exploited by images of the crowd and the cities, but there are more to explore in Japan. So much more.


Ms. H, a customer from New York, NY

The Necessity


Tomita Farm, Hokkaido

noto peninsula.jpg

Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa


Shimanto River, Shikoku

Due to Japan's advanced public transportation system, it is often forgotten that the Off the Beaten Path exists. 

Places like Shiretoko in Hokkaido or Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa are extremely difficult to be accessed by Public transportation.

IACE TRAVEL currently affiliates with Major Rental Car companies in Japan that offers online booking solutions.

The Advantages

No limitations,

You decide Where.

off the beaten.jpg

Luggage go,

Where you go.


You decide When.


How to Book

Visit IACE's Affiliated rental car booking system.


Select details that fits your trip


Select the dates when you would like to pick up the car and then to the drop off.

pickup location.png

You can search keywords to your pick up locations, such as the name of the Airport that you are flying to.


Select the type of vehicle that you are in need. Vehicle types vary in price.

* Kei Cars are smaller in overall size and motor than the compact car. It is equivalent to Fiat 500 in the US


This is an example of a Search Result. Choose the vehicle that fits your needs and proceed to Book.

booking screen.png

Input your personal information.

* Driver's License input is required. International Driver's License is allowed.

You are Good to go! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which Driver's License do I need?

A. To rent a car and drive in Japan, you must have a valid driver's license.
Only International driver's license issued by signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention in conformity with the Convention's provisions are valid in Japan.

Q.  Is an International driving license acceptable in Japan?

A. Yes, but not all of them. Only the International driving license issued by the states of the Geneva Convention is acceptable.

Q. Can I rent a car even if I don't have my driver's license with me on hand?

A. No, you cannot. You must present your driver's license when you pick up the vehicle or you will not be able to rent. You also have to keep your driver's license with you while driving, as required by Japanese Road Traffic Law.


Q. How do I change my reservation?

A. Changing a Reservation is not possible. However you can always cancel the existing reservation and make a new one.

Q.  How do I cancel my reservation?

A.You are able to cancel via our system. Please log in to "My Reservation" with your e-mail address and password. Your password can be found in the booking confirmation email.

Pick-up and Return

Q. What do I need to present when I pick-up the car?

A. International driver’s license or Driver’s license with authorized Japanese translation document of national license, Your Passport and your Credit card

Q. Is it possible to pick up or return a car outside of regular business hours?

A. Unfortunately no. There will not be anyone to validate your reservation after the business hours.

Q. What happens if I'm late to the scheduled return time?

A. Please contact your return outlet. A penalty charge should be required.


Q. When do I pay for the Reservation that I made?

A. Payment will be processed at the pick-up location office.

Q. Can I pay by cash?

A. Just like other Rental Car services, it is more usual to pay by credit card. However if Cash is your only Form of Payment, please contact (by email or call) us before making the reservation. 

Vehicles / Optional

Q. Do rental vehicles have GPS navigation systems?

A. Not all of them. The plan with a colored “GPS” icon does.

However a multi-language GPS is limited in some offices. To guarantee it, please contact us.

Q. Can I choose a car model or color when I make a reservation?

A. Unfortunately no. car models or color cannot be guaranteed in advance.

Q. Are snow tires, snow chains or roof carriers available to rent?

A. It depends on which rent-a-car company and office you use.

The plan which has the colored “Snow Tire” icon means it is available as an option. Please use the Inquiry page for all other requests.

Q. Is a non-smoking car available?

A. Yes, it is available with most of rent-a-car companies. Please select a non-smoking vehicle.

Q. Are baby seats, child seats and junior seats available to rent?

A. Yes, they are available with most of rent-a-car companies as options.

According to Japanese Road Traffic Law, you must use baby seats or child seats if you drive with children under 6 years old.

Q. I don’t know which seats I should rent for my children.

A.Please check the table below.

baby seat.png

Ask us about further details!

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