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【Ueno Departure】Hakone・Lake Kawaguchi Day Trip
  • 【Ueno Departure】Hakone・Lake Kawaguchi Day Trip



    07:40am Meet up in Ueno

    *Please go directly to the meeting point on the day and provide the name of the orderer.

    Meeting point: in front of the Ueno Station Park Exit's ticket gate at 07:40am

    In front of the Ueno Station Park Exit's ticket gate: 





    JR Ueno Station Park Exit (Departure at 07:50)

     <Metropolitan Expressway>

     Shinagawa Station Konan Exit (Departure at 08:30)

     <Metropolitan Expressway/Tomei Expressway/Nishi-Fujisan Bypass>

     "Those who have Hakone at their back will conquer the world!" Its power is immense! (Expected stay: 50 minutes)

     Head to the fascinating Owakudani (Expected stay: 50 minutes)

     <Higashi-Fuji Five Lakes Road>

     Enjoy a free lunch at Kawaguchiko Craft Park at the foot of Mt. Fuji (Expected stay: 60 minutes)

     Visit the photogenic spot "Fuji Michi" with a view of Mt. Fuji (Expected stay: 30 minutes) *Depending on traffic conditions such as congestion, stops may not be possible.

     <Chuo Expressway/Metropolitan Expressway>

     Arrive at Ueno Station (Expected arrival at 18:00)


    • Cancel Policy

      24hours prior to departure: 100%
      from 2 to 7 days prior to departure: 50%
      from 8 to 10 days prior to departure: 20%
      11 days prior to departure: free cancellation

    • Departure date

      Everyday  in 2024

    • Price (JPY)

      Adult (12 to up) ¥9,800  

      Child(4-11 years old)¥8,800 

      ※Children under 3 years old are free to enter if a seat in vehicles is not occupied.)

      *Payment must be settled in Canadian dollars at the time of booking.

      *A 3.5% fee will be charged for credit card payments.

    • Tour Inclusions

      Round-trip bus fee, expressway & parking fee, entrance fee, consumption tax, tour guide service, and other taxes and fees

    • Notice

      ※Minimum number of participants: 10
      ※The itinerary may change due to traffic, road conditions, etc., or arrival time at the destination may be delayed. If your return trip is delayed and you need to take a taxi or stay overnight, our company cannot bear the cost.
      ※Due to weather, traffic congestion, etc., the duration of your trip may be shortened (or even canceled). Additionally, the itinerary (regarding the stops where a tourist gets off) may vary depending on the number of vehicles on the road.

      ※Each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of luggage, with the total sum of length, width, and height not exceeding 155 centimeters for any single side. If the dimensions exceed this limit, priority will be given to accommodating other luggage that complies with the regulations. Only if there is additional space available can the oversized luggage be accommodated. Regarding baby strollers, please ensure that they are of a foldable design.

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