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【Kyoto】Ramen Noodle Making Experience in Kyoto
  • 【Kyoto】Ramen Noodle Making Experience in Kyoto


    Love ramen? Learn how to make your own from scratch at an authentic ramen restaurant during this hands-on ramen noodle making experience in Kyoto.



    - Learn how to make ramen noodles from scratch at a specialty ramen restaurant in Kyoto's Gion district

    - Create the ramen yourself step by step with the help of a professional ramen chef

    - Mix, roll, and cut the dough using the ramen machine

    - Taste and compare the difference of 3 varied thicknesses of freshly made ramen noodles

    - Enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen prepared by the restaurant's ramen chef


    【Experience Details】

    Head down to the bustling Gion district to enjoy making your very own ramen noodles from scratch during this unique Ramen Noodle Making Experience in Kyoto. This hands-on ramen making workshop is held at a well-known restaurant named Musoshin, which sees over 6,000 visitors each month. Learn how to make Musoshin’s delicious ramen noodles from scratch!


    Musoshin Ramen has three shops in Kyoto, and one in Toronto, Canada. Their shop in Canada has been recognized in Canada's Michlin guide!


    Musoshin has refined the art of making ramen noodles, which you can learn during this class. Your instructor will first explain the different steps of making ramen using a special noodle-making machine. Next, you will pour the water and knead the dough (made with two types of flour) using the machine. Your instructor will help you to properly roll the dough into sheets like an expert, to get the optimal chewiness. After rolling and cutting the noodles, you will get the chance to taste and compare ramen noodles of 3 different thicknesses.


    This Kyoto noodle making experience truly combines the essence of quality produce and local craftsmanship. Once an old house, Musoshin’s Kyoto branch in the famous Gion district (one of the city’s most famous tourist areas) features black ramen made using black sesame supplied from a local producer. This Kyoto store also uses high-quality rice from the local Kyotamba area, as well as condiments from local makers for an authentic, regional ramen experience.


    The soup at Musoshin is thick and richly flavored, cooked from a range of vegetables blended together to make it both mild and smooth. They match perfectly with freshly homemade ramen noodles! Musoshin’s noodle recipe is made from a carefully selected blend of flour varieties. Their noodles are matured for just the right amount of chewiness, but still smooth at the same time. You can discover them for yourself as you can eat a delicious bowl of ramen at the end of this great workshop!


    【Meeting Point and Meeting Time】

    Please meet directly at the restaurant. It is a 5-minute walk from Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station

    • Cancel Policy

      8- 3 days prior to travel date30%
      2 day prior to the date of the tour100%

    • Additional information

      - Rental towels or aprons are available at the workshop for an additonal cost, or please bring your own

      - The noodles are made from wheat flour

      - Vegetarian and no meat or fish options are available for the tasting session

      - Children under 5 years may not participate. They may wait in the workshop's Japanese style room.

    • Departure date

      N/A TBA

    • Price (JPY)

      Adult ¥6,000  

      *Payment must be settled in Canadian dollars at the time of booking.

      *A 3.5% fee will be charged for credit card payments.

    • Tour Inclusions

      - English-speaking noodle making instructor

      - Ingredients and tools for noodle making

      - Bowl of ramen

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