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【Tokyo】Wagyu and 7 Japanese Dishes (Kaiseki) Cooking Class
  • 【Tokyo】Wagyu and 7 Japanese Dishes (Kaiseki) Cooking Class


    Experience what it’s like to eat like a local by learning to cook your own traditional kaiseki meal, Japan's finest cuisine.



    - Family-friendly Wagyu and 7 Japanese dishes cooking class taught in English

    - Learn about Dashi and various types of seasonings

    - Learn about Japanese seasonal ingredients and cooking methods

    - You get to eat everything that you have created in this course!


    【Experience Details】

    There are so many things to love about Japan, like its beautiful landscapes, kind-hearted people, traditional culture, and forward-surging technology. But let’s be honest, lots of people come here for the food! If you’re looking to get away from the standard sushi and street food that most people eat when visiting Tokyo then check out our Wagyu and 7 Japanese dishes cooking class.


    Wagyu is a world-famous word nowadays. “Wa” means Japan(ese), and “Gyu” means beef. During this class, you will make use of various methods to complete your full-course lunch, from appetizers to dessert. Also, you will get to experience what it’s like to make a traditional Japanese meal with seasonal ingredients which have a range of colors, textures, and flavors. The class is offered in English so you don’t have to worry if your Japanese isn’t up to scratch.


    The menu for this class changes each month with the seasonal produce, making it the perfect class to try multiple times on each visit to Tokyo. You’ll get to experience what’s popular with the locals depending on the month and season. The menu offers a great variety and if you have any dietary requirements you can let us know so that it can be accommodated in your class. This family-friendly Japanese cooking experience aims to be inclusive of everyone, so please do not hesitate to mention any requirements! Enjoy Wagyu and 7 Japanese dishes Cooking Class. Once you have learned how to make these dishes, you will get to sit down and enjoy the multi-course meal yourself.



    ~Autumn&Winter 2023~

    - Accordion Cucumber Salad (蛇腹きゅうりの酢の物)

    - Gomamiso-ae Potate - Sesame & Miso Sauce (じゃがいものごま味噌和え)

    - Dashimaki Tamago - Rolled Egg (だし巻玉子)

    - Kombu & Umeboshi Tsukudani - Serve with Rice (昆布と梅干しの佃煮)

    - Msio Soup (味噌汁)

    - Grilled Stuffed Lotus Roots (蓮根の挟み焼き)

    - Wagyu Sukiyaki (和牛すき焼き)

    - Yuzu Citrus flavored Yokan- Japanese dessert (柚子羊羹)


    【Meeting Point and Meeting Time】

    5-minutes walk from JR Shinanomachi Station, 10-minutes walk from Yotsuya San-Chome Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line. Detailed instructions will be shared upon booking.

    • Cancel Policy

      8- 3 days prior to travel date30%
      2 day prior to the date of the tour100%

    • Additional information

      -For vegetarian customers, meat and fish can be replaced with vegetables and other ingredients.

      -Other dietary requirements can be accommodated for; please let us know upon booking.

      -Halal guests: We don't use Halal meat, however, we can remove the alcohol components/ingredients.

      -Children under 5 are free of charge. (Without food ingredients)

      -Upon booking, you can expect a confirmation within 24 hours. Once confirmed, present your booking information at the experience.

    • Departure date

      N/A TBA

    • Price (JPY)

      Adult ¥11,000  

      *Payment must be settled in Canadian dollars at the time of booking.

      *A 3.5% fee will be charged for credit card payments.

    • Tour Inclusions

      -3-hour Tokyo Wagyu and 7 Japanese dishes cooking class

      -English-speaking Japanese cooking instructor

      -Ingredients for making delicious Wagyu and 7 Japanese dishes

      -Utensils and tools to make various Japanese dishes

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