The beautiful villages of Northern Kyoto

The beautiful villages of Northern Kyoto


Kyoto is perhaps best known for its grand history and excellent architechure in the former capital Kyoto City, but venture out into the rural mountains of wider Kyoto Prefecture to the north and discover the wonderfully preserved villages of this regions long history. Visit the beautiful village of Miyama, at just two hours from Kyoto city, featuring lovingly maintained traditional Kayabuki thatched-roof houses, designed to withstand the heavy snowfall this northern area of Kyoto experiences in the winter. From Spring onwards, the village offers excellent exploration opportunities by bicycle and on foot, while overnighting in one of these historic houses.  From here, stopover in the Onsen Spa area of Miyazu bay facing the Japan Sea to the North, before travelling via the scenic Amano-Hashidate sandbar to the secluded maritime town of Ine-cho. This port, situated on the northern sea-front,  provides wonderful photography opportunities from both land and sea; the small town houses provide excellent Funaba boathouse inns and affords local boating opportunities, together with deliciously fresh seafood caught locally.    

In addition to overnight stays in a Kayabuki Minshuku and Funaba boathouse inn, the tour also features two nights in excellent Onsen Ryokan. Our Northern Kyoto tour enables guests the opportunity to explore the villages on foot or by bicycle; for those that wish to undertake the tour with our premium folding bicycles, we offer an orientation in Kyoto city before the main tour and free use of the bikes until you return these to us back in Kyoto at the end of the tour.


Day 1 - Travel from Kyoto to the emotive village of Miyama

Day 2 - Head north to the seaside town of Miyazu Onsen

Day 3 - Visit secluded Ine-cho via via the Amano-Hashidate sandbar

Day 4 - Experience the historic village of Kinosaki Onsen

Day 5 - Travel on to Kyoto City

C$2100 per person (minimum 2 pax)


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