Iceland Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle 3 Days

Iceland Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle 3 Days



Iceland has become one of the most popular destinations in the last few years.

Explore the famous landmarks, the Golden Circle surrounded by full of nature. Blue Lagoon is listed as one of the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic. Release your stress in the beautiful milky-blue water, which helps you relax, rejuvenile, and heal. 
Don't forget to try delicious Iceland’s seafood! 

Extended stay is available to attend a whale watching tour (the best season is June to August). 


Day 1
Arrival at Reykjavik airport, head to a hotel by shuttle bus (no tour guide)
Take a walk at Reykjavik by yourselves


Day 2 
All day: Golden Circle Tour 


Day 3    
In the morning: Blue Lagoon Tour

Around noon,  head to Reykjavik Airport by shuttle bus (no tour guide)

*Blue Lagoon on the first day is availale 

Date / Hotel FOSS BARON or
FOSS LIND (no meal) 
(with breakfast)


6/1-6/6 CA$755 CA$795
6/7-6/27     CA$782 CA$795
6/28-7/4 CA$755 CA$795
7/5-8/8 CA$782 CA$795
8/9-8/29 CA$769 CA$795
8/30-9/5 CA$755 CA$826
9/6-9/12 CA$782 CA$826
9/13-9/30 CA$755 CA$826


*Extended stay is available


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