Full day Mt. Koya World Heritage Tour


Tour Schedule:

09:00 – 09:40
Hotels in Osaka City
From hotels in Osaka City to Swissotel Nankai Osaka


Swissotel Nankai Osaka
Go to Nankai Namba Station on foot


From Nankai Namba Station to Gokurakubashi Station (90 min)
(Nankai Railway, Limited Express, reserved seat)


From Gokurakubashi Station go to Koyasan Station


Koyasan Station
Go to Ichinohashi Kanko Center by bus



Lunch will be Bento Box style Japanese Cuisine. Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine will be provided for customers who would like a vegetarian meal.


Okuno-in Temple 
The highlight of Koyasan. Walk along the 2-kilometer path to the temple

in a mystical atmosphere lined with hundreds of thousands of small stone pagodas.


Danjo Garan Complex 
The Danjo Garan Complex is a sacred place representing the concept of

Shingon Mikkyo Buddhism established by Kobo Daishi (Saint Kobo).


From Danjo Garan go to Koyasan Station
Go to Koyasan Station by bus


From Koyasan Station to Gokurakubashi Station


From Gokurakubashi Station go to Nankai Namba Station (90 min)
(Nankai Railway, Limited Express, reserved seat)


18:00 – 18:30
Nankai Namba Station
Please head to your next destination on your own after the tour ends.

Adult Child
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